Olga Vechtomova

Associate Professor
Faculty of Engineering
School of Computer Science (cross-appointment)
University of Waterloo


Spring 2019: MSci 641 Text Analytics [Slides]

Course outline:

With the rapid growth of unstructured natural language data, such as web pages, blogs, product reviews, news articles and enterprise data, there is an increasing need for systems that would retrieve relevant documents, extract specific information from them, mine opinions, summarize and categorize texts. This course provides students with an understanding of the major methods for retrieving, mining and analyzing textual data, with the emphasis on algorithms, techniques and their evaluation.

Course syllabus

Winter 2019: MSci 444 Information Systems Analysis and Design

Course outline:

The course is intended to provide students with the knowledge of the theory and practice of information systems development stages, techniques and methodologies. Course topics may include: requirements analysis, structured and object-oriented design techniques and system implementation strategies.

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